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HERE is the link to the newly published iMac and iWeb version of MyJournal blog, my account of the events and times since my March 2006 diagnosis with mantle cell lymphoma.

As we approach Christmas 2009, Dee Dee and I are excited to report that we are officially back in remission (a second time) thanks to the TomoTherapy radiation in September at City of Hope. We continue with our 6-month medical leave until March 1 and we are due to start two forms on infusion in January. Both are detailed in the links below. According to my COH doctors, the combination of these will boost my immune system and keep the cancer at bay.

Since my medical leave began at the end of August, we have also enjoyed freedom from the constant respiratory and bronchial issues that marked the last year. This newfound state of well being may largely be due to our self-enforced isolation from most public contact, in part justified by the H1N1 scare. After an unexpected delay, I was finally able to get m
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