Welcome to Our World, Linus Schmidt!

LINUS SCHMIDT, son of Torben Schmidt and Berte Christensen of Goettingen, Germany, was born on Oct 23. For those of you who don't know this family, Torben was my unrelated stem cell donor in August 2007 and we just became official e-mail pals about three months ago.

Writes Torben,  "Everything went well. After four days in hospital Birte and Linus were allowed to come home and now were enjoying our family life. Lots of our relatives (Linus grandparents and uncles) visited us. Its the first grandchild and nephew for each of them. So everybody is very excited. Linus is the sweetest and most beautiful baby in the world (of course). Only at night he is a bit difficult, but during the day he hardly cries. He always looks very happy and relaxed. And we are very happy, too." 

We celebrate the arrival of Torben to our special friends in Germany.  If you wish to know more about Goettingen, CLICK HERE.

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