One Chapter Here is My Survival Story

Many of you know that I plan to write a book someday on my cancer survival story but, for now, the preface to this story is a chapter found HERE, a book for which I collaborated with some Canadian friends of mine.

“This book is a wonderful contribution to letting the world know we're beating cancer - albeit slowly. We need to change the culture, so that when the word is mentioned, we don't think death ...we think survival. Those of us who have been successful in fighting it need to share that with the world; we need to spotlight the amazing work researchers are doing to treat - and sometimes cure - the many cancers. That's the contribution our story tellers make in this book. Cancer was one of the best things ever to happen to me - because of the incredible people I met - and continue to meet - on the journey, and the realization that every day which starts with waking up is a day to dance!“ - Max Keeping, CTV News Ottawa, cancer survivor | @ltaLINK


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