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Like me, you may find great joy in new discoveries.  My web browsing has led to this find: SpiritClips is excellent for demonstrating values like integrity, persistence, patience, and doing the right thing. Discover how you can use this resource at their BLOG to demonstrate the benefit of encouragement and positive thinking in your business, non-profit, or spiritual organization.

You can read more about Rob Fried, the  genius creator of SpiritClips at My@ltaCITIES | PQ: The People Quotient.

Another special discovery that I hasten to share is found at MyJournal with the posting of links and information about CureToday.com, a trustworthy source of information for cancer patients.  My Google search on "cancer myths" produced this result.  I was led to a moment of curiosity about this topic because of an e-mail sent to me about the topic of oxygenation to prevent or cure cancer, aids, and swine flu.  CLICK HERE for the content of this search.

Meanwhile, please check out some of the other interesting stories and links compiled for the visitors to My@ltaCITIES.


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