TomoTherapy Done! Positive Results!

Completed the 20th and final TomoTherapy (radiation) treatment today at City of Hope with this report from my doctor as we left: "Our last scan shows no sign of the tumor!" We will have this reality confirmed when a follow-up PET-CT is done on Nov.30. The inset photo shows the actual device at City of Hope that provided my treatment. If you have had a CT or PET scan or an MRI, this looks familiar. CLICK HERE for further details on how this works.

We have also recovered from the chronic coughing condition that served to postpone a couple of my TomoTherapy treatments. Had a pulmonary function test on Friday as well to help find the underlying reason for the frequent coughing attacks and there will be follow-up testing and exams before we have an answer. Continuously, since my SCT in August 2007 I have had frequent bronchial and respiratory issues and that situation still needs to be resolved so that daily life can return to some normalcy.

Again, thanks to all for your messages, hopes, thoughts, and prayers. It has been 31 months since the March 2006 encounter with MCL that eventually lead to our successful treatments at City of Hope.
Dr Sears Family Approved


Anonymous said…
Fantastic! Greg & Janine

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