Great news: Bone Marrow Biopsy is 'Clean'!

Our 11:10 am appointment today at COH will cover our 10th of 20 TomoTherapy treatments as that process continues to go well. Yesterday, we got some terrific news: Friday's bone marrow biopsy was negative, clean of any presence of the lymphoma. That reality all but confirms the initial suspicion: The growth in my abdomen is probably the only malignancy location, a rogue cell, as I like to describe it. We also completed our fourth and final (for now) Rituxan infusion yesterday (a 10-hour day at the hospital). While these matters are going well, your thoughts and prayers are still much appreciated. | @ltaLINK


Steve said…
mike that is wonderful news about the bone marrow results! you are one of my heroes!

steve c

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