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16 Months Since the Life-saving Stem-Cell Transplant

What is the status of my recovery from the MCL and the (MUD) stem-cell transplant done in August 2007?

A. Dee Dee and our family are especially blessed this Christmas season! What a difference this year has been over the two that preceded. We were back at City of Hope Tuesday (first time in 2 months) for tests and exams that continue to confirm full remission and markedly improved status of all blood results, except hemoglobin (red cells - a common problem for former chemo patients), so I am scheduled in two weeks for another 4-hour transfusion of gamaglobulin (AKA "Geritol" for chemo patients). But everything else is good and practically normal again.

Got a delayed letter from my donor today. Seems that it takes four or five months to get our letters exchanged through the system, so we are both looking forward to the 2nd anniversary of the transplant (Aug. 23, 2009) when our separate identities can be revealed. In fact, we hope to actually meet at that time, even if it m…

Diabetes may be linked to risk of lymphoma

"Although the relative risk is moderate, given the rapidly increasing incidence and prevalence of diabetes, the number of incident cases of NHL attributed to diabetes can potentially be very high," Dr. Anastassios G. Pittas and colleagues point out in their report in the medical journal Diabetes Care. | @ltaLINK | @ltaSEARCH
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