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Business leader Arthur M. Coppola and family endow chair in supportive care medicine at City of Hope

The Coppola family’s generous gift recognizes that supportive care is an integral part of the modern way we treat patients,” said Michael A. Friedman, M.D., president and chief executive officer, City of Hope. “We are grateful to the Coppola family for their support of City of Hope, our patients and our

Can a Bone-Marrow Transplant Halt HIV?

The patient, a U.S. citizen living in Germany, was suffering from advanced leukemia and HIV two years ago when Huetter treated the cancer with a bone-marrow transplant at Berlin's Charité hospital. As a side experiment, he inserted the bone marrow of a donor naturally resistant to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. (Researchers have long known that about 1% of Europeans carry a genetic mutation that makes their cells resistant to HIV infection.) Bone marrow produces the cells that HIV attacks. So, the thinking went, inserting marrow that produces HIV-resistant cells might endow the patient with a means to repel the infection. Twenty months after the transplant, Huetter says, the man shows no signs of carrying the virus.

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The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a pathogen so wily and protean that
researchers rarely talk about curing infected patients, focusing instead
on treatment and prevention. But in an announcement that caused a flutter…