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Dealing with the "R" Word ...

Hope Faith
Originally uploaded by sydaustin Generally speaking, I have learned that a cancer survivor can usually expect this greeting when meeting someone they have not seen in awhile:

"Nice to see you!"

My usual response: "And you as well. Actually, it is nice to be seen!"

Other than these most pleasant encounters with friends, co-workers and acquaintances, our daily routine is very close to the pre-cancer days found before March 2006. We are most grateful for that reality.

But one of the significant elements of our encounters with friends and strangers who learn of our journey deals with questions about our recovery: How did this happen?

Frankly, I guess I know more about the "how?" than the "why?"

Yes, we went through more than 15 months of various chemotherapy treatments before referral to City of Hope which led to the stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor.

By God's grace, I have just overcome a potentially life-ending bout with cancer…

Lessons That Cancers Teach

My positive outcome to date with a 2.5-year battle with cancer and, then, full remission from mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) since August 22, 2007 prompts numerous questions about my personal emotional strength to deal with the life-threatening disease. For sure, my own experiences seem to mirror those written by the following author. One thing is certain: the inner strength that Dee Dee and I mustered for this battle did not appear overnight. We drew upon the reserve that had been built throughout our 37+ years of marriage and from the years that began very early in life. What is your experience? Please provide your comments below.
How you react in a crisis, how you make decisions, whom you turn to for support—these are part of the essence of who you are. The core values that were important to you before your diagnosis will be what helps you deal with it now. Some people are truly changed by the experience, but you may just find that when you resume your life, you’ll want …