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Cancer Survivors as Bloggers or Blog Fans Invited to Join This Research Survey by Purdue University

My name is Justin Guild and I’m a graduate research assistant currently working with Dr. Jeong-Nam Kim at Purdue University on a health communication study. CLICK LINK

Specifically, our research explores how information sharing behavior through online communities influences coping strategies among people with chronic conditions including cancer, diabetes, depression, etc.

The survey is purely academic in nature and takes no longer than 5-7 minutes to complete.

The web survey can be found by clicking on this LINK:

In the survey, we use the term “blog” to refer to any online activity where you might read or share information in communities such as personal web logs, internet forums, and discussion boards.

The findings of this study could lead to better management capacities of chronic diseases as well as an increase in funding for research related to online communities. clipped from To access this survey, click on the LINKS above.
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Study Adds Weight to Virtual Colonoscopy for Average-Risk Patients

Virtual colonoscopy, or computed tomographic (CT) colonography, is about as effective as traditional colonoscopy in finding colorectal cancer and large polyps, according to results from a large clinical trial comparing the two tests published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study confirms results from smaller trials. clipped from
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Learn About Cancer Prevention & Early Detectionclipped from