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Showing posts from August 3, 2008

Minus Two Weeks Before SCT 1-Year Anniversary

TODAY IS AUGUST 9 and only 13 days until the first anniversary of my stem cell transplant. The most recent tests confirm continued remission of the cancer. Also, I am steadily improving from the recent respiratory issues, an expected periodic, perhaps ong-0term side-effect of the current period for rebuilding my immune system.

We are back to work full-time with a 4-day work week and most of our regular life routines are restored. Dee Dee has much more time for the things she enjoys. Yesterday, together we had lunch in Covina at the senior living center with our dear 99-year-old friend Helen Tronaas, who is planning to reach her 100th this coming Feb. 8.

What a blessing and joy Helen is to the many fellow residents of this center where she has resided for a little more than a year! Not a one of us can predict the number of our days, but when you see life and vitality at 99, you know that everyday is important. If you scroll through these blog posts below, you will see a variety of i…