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Faith And Friendship Helps Cancer Survivors Cope

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Originally uploaded by lemontwist301 BRISTOL, Tenn. – Faith and friendship are coping tools cancer survivors at Friday night’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life said they have used.

“The first year was the toughest,” said Nancy Canter, a Bristol, Va., resident who was diagnosed with third-stage colon cancer 10 years ago.

Canter originally thought her cancer was a case of acid reflux disease and wasn’t diagnosed until she passed out in December 1997 and woke up in an emergency room.

Doctors had to remove a portion of her colon’s abdominal wall, she said, because it was perforated with cancerous cells.
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Consider What's Important,
Not Just What's Urgent

Foxworth Genealogy Search 1 of Many

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Originally uploaded by lisachasin >>> Friends and family have often heard my remarks about the frequent confusion about my relationship or lack thereof with the well-known actor and comedian, Jeff Foxworthy.

Not only is it a fact that our names spelled differently, but there is a decided difference in personality and, probably famiy geneaology, although we both hail from the South. Since the time of my stem cell transplant, however, I have decided that family heritage in the human race is not a matter of absolutes. Frankly, we all have some form of genetic connection with every other living or decesed human being. Finding my donor in a far-away location from among millions of potential matches is proof enough that humanity is truly homogenous.

More than ever, genealogy matters, even if you are not a stem cell recipient, a possible donor, or know someone in that category. That's why I am speending some time researching the "FOXWORTH" name at th…