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Fidget About Web Widgets

Originally uploaded by mfoxw92551 One of the newest features added to my blogs is a widget called FEEDJIT, or a live traffic map. This graphic shown in the right-hand sidebar of MyJournal and other blog creations is a helpful tool that tracks the origin of site visitors (no names or other identity is tracked, just location of origin).

How fascinating it is to see the location of hits to my sites from around the world and what an encouragement it is to any journalist to see the depth and breadth of the visitation traffic, even if the visitors are doing nothing but taking a peek at what this simple journalist has to offer.

As you can see from this map (inset) captured on June 4, recent visitors have come from around the world in significant numbers, if not GOOGLE or YAHOO totals.

I invite visitors to send me a note in the "comments" section at the end of each blog entry. We appreciate that feedback. Please consider sending links to other lymphoma and cancer surviv…

Another Survivor Story

The Great Survivor
Originally uploaded by algo One of my reading pastimes finds me researching cancer and lymphoma survivor stories on the Internet, and here is another story I recently found that underscores a truth in this battle: We all need the support of family:

Hingham, Mass. — Fran Brennan once thought that taking the summer off would be a fun thing to do. But after undergoing a stem cell transplant last year and not being able to work, he is having second thoughts.

“I have a very new appreciation for parents that stay at home with their children,” Brennan said.

With three children of his own, he has his hands full.

“They run in a pack,” Brennan said. “They’ve kept me busy, kept me humble.”
Consider What's Important,
Not Just What's Urgent