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When Cancer Affects Children ...

"Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement." — Marcus Garvey

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[ALTACITIES.COM] ...VISITING THIS NHL SUPPORT SITE: One of the most helpful but sobering benefits of the Internet for patients and family members dealing with cancer is the ability to connect with so many who are now or have previously dealt with this disease.

One such resource is a site (LINK HERE) and from this site, I receive regular e-mail updates of postings by members. One such posting made me ponder as I searched for empathy for children with cancer. Here is that message:

"I am new to this group. My 12yr old neice has JUST been diagnosed with NHL. She is having a mass removed that is near her liver and they don't know if there is blood vessel involvement. I think they plan to started chemo shortly thereafter. I've read alot about CHOP and know that it is a combination of drugs, but that is all I know really.