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Released for Part-time Work in 6 Weeks

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Today's PRAYER

Friday, Dee Dee and I had what has now become bi-weekly (every two weeks) appointments at City of Hope and, again, as expected, we got more good news about the status of my recovery. First, all of my blood counts are in normal ranges (or almost normal), and there continues to be no more lymphoma detected in any of the exams, although we are scheduled in two weeks for another CT scan, but expecting that, too, to confirm what these other exams are saying: The transplant was a complete success!

But the other exciting news is that Dr. Nakamura has advised me that I may plan to return to work on a limited basis at the end of February, as long as my strength and stamina (and medical results, of course) continue on this track. We will try to arrange to work some from home and at least one day a week at the office, starting the week of Feb. 25. Hopefully, the work hours will i…

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