Cells from humans grow blood vessels in mice: study

Stem cell research and developments are only one of the medical advancements in this fascinating area of biochemistry. As you can see from this Reuters report, now there is evidence that new blood vessels may be created (now in rats, one day in humans) from the implantation of human bone marrow.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cells taken from human bone marrow, blood and umbilical cords grew into functioning blood vessels in mice with just the right coaxing, U.S. researchers reported on Saturday.

The so-called progenitor cells teamed up to form working blood vessels that connected to the circulatory systems of the mice, the team at Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston reported.

"What's really significant about our study is that we are using human cells that can be obtained from blood or bone marrow rather than removing and using fully developed blood vessels," said Harvard's Joyce Bischoff, who led the study.

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<- Scientists announced a technique that produces the equivalent of embryonic stem cells without having to destroy human embryos. Dr. Jon LaPook has details. .......... @ltaLINK to This SOURCE (story)
@ltaLINK to This SOURCE (video)
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