50 Days Until My SCT Anniversary

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Seems that the milestone dates just keep coming.

What a joy it is to share the good news that today we are just 50 days away from our first-year anniversary of the stem cell transplant (SCT) at City of Hope. Dee Dee and I visited Dr. Nakamura on Tuesday of this week when he found that our blood tests are positive and show progress with no return of the lymphoma. Another round of PET/CT scans is scheduled in the next two weeks, but those results should be "negative," too.

Other than a lingering cough (probably bronchial-related), I am well and spending additional time in the office each week as I work toward full-time work status around the time of my anniversary, perhaps before.

Other than my transplant anniversary date, our calendar this week is highlighted by the July 4 wedding anniversary that Dee Dee and I will celebrate. We will mark our 37th year together while also toasting a birthday for Andrea's husband, Johan.


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