A dog named Popcorn brought comfort to cancer survivor

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Seven years ago, we parted with our 14-year-old beagle, Tippy, and both Dee Dee and I think of him often. Because of our strong bond with the only pet we owned in our adult lives, we vowed that we would not immediately add another pet to our home after his loss.

And even though we read stories (like this one) that confirm the comfort and healing influence of pets during a serious illness, we know there would have been complications with hacing a pet in the house during my recovery from mantle cell lymphoma. But as with every other facet of our lives, there are risks and benefits for cancer patients who have the love of a pet during this experience. This blogger well tells that story for all to enjoy ...

"This year I've had the pleasure of working with Alice Krumm, an energetic, charismatic woman who has started a wonderful company for breast cancer survivors, Beyond Pink, LLC. Alice is also the author of "I didn't order this pink ribbon" where she shares her breast cancer story and offers tips from a survivor's and nursing instructor's perspective that are beneficial to anyone battling this disease.

"Alice underwent her breast cancer treatment at a young age, while in her thirties, with her two young daughters and her husband right there with her. But I wondered....was there a pet who offered his or her own special brand of healing love?
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