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2007: A Year in Review

It is impossible, if not hyperbole to attest that one single year (in what is now almost a 60-year lifespan) is somehow more important than all others. Right?

What about that year of birth? The year of graduation from high school or college? The year of marriage? The year(s) children or grandchildren are born? The year of a significant job promotion or career change? The year of spiritual conversion or renewal?

Given the events of this last 12 months, I believe I can make a case for the importance of 2007. Our detection, treatment, and recovery from mantle cell lymphoma make up our case for a journey well documented in this journal. So, here at the advent of a new year, I have selected chapters of MyJournal that summarize a year in review.
Thanks to all who have so faithfully followed these accounts and have responded with encouraging thoughts, messages, and prayers. We have all been witness to one of life's significant miracles!

1/3/2007: What We Remember? 2/13/2007: Myriad of Decisi…