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More About Stem Cells

Communication To/From My Donor

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MyJournal: 10Oct07 Posting

All who follow my blog here are aware that I wrote this letter a couple of months ago to my "unknown" donor. Now, a response has arrived, which I am including below:

Here is my original letter to the donor:
October 9, 2007

My Dear Friend:

While our separate identities cannot be shared at this time, I am compelled to write this message and have it forwarded to you through my transplant team in the USA.

If you don't already know, your stem cell donation is the reason I am free of the mantle cell lymphoma and on my way to what looks like full recovery. By the time you receive this message, more than 50 days have passed since the SCT. Other than a relatively mild case of GVH (skin rash), all i…