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Countdown: 13 Days Until 'Freedom'

As the Foxworth Family looks ahead to a special Thanksgiving Season in 2007, this week also brings us to less than two weeks from the "end" of our 100-day period of isolation from extensive public contact.

December 1 is the first official day when my doctor tells me that I can begin to have more outside contact and get away from home for something more than visits to see him. However, because I am still on the immunosuppressant drugs, we are asked to not go overboard with public events and activities that may still put me at risk of contracting an infection. For sure, we will gradually start our wandering about, but may pass on a few events until my doctors say it is safe to be less guarded about such matters.

My twice-weekly visits to City of Hope are now largely directed at treatment for my GVHD (graft versus host disease) manifested by mild to moderate skin rash which also may be a dermatological condition (the doctors are not sure, but believe this may be a combination o…

ACS Reports Cancer Facts

Beginning with Cancer Facts & Figures 2007, estimated new cancer cases were computed using a new, more accurate method developed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. Improvements in the new model include use of data from a much larger percentage of the US population, allowance for geographical variation in cancer incidence, adjustment for delays in reporting, and the inclusion of many socio-demographic, medical facility, lifestyle, and cancer screening behavior variables. Comparisons of estimates produced by the old and new methods were generally similar for all cancers combined but differ substantially for some sites. For more information, see:

--> A New Method of Estimating US Incidence;
--> Projected and Observed Cancer Cases for 2003, New Method;
--> Estimated New Cancer Cases for Selected Cancer Sites by State, US, 2007, Old Method


Cancer Facts & Figures 20072007
Presents data on cancer incidence, mortalit…