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Passing The Test at 60/100

For a few hours we call night it seems to be gone, but it is still shiningly there and will reappear on the morrow. Storms may darken the sky at noonday, but the sun is still there and will soon break through. — Neal A. Maxwell

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Did you ever believe you would be "making the grade" at 60/100? This is really not the results of a test, but a way of reckoning time. And for me, it's the point arriving Sunday, Oct. 21: day 60 of the first 100 post-transplant. Again, all of my tests remain normal or close enough to normal so that I am not requiring any blood transfusions and special interventions to manage the recovery.

The sole exception to this is the infusion of Rituxan, of which I have had four 3-hour sessions the past four Fridays, but even that phase ended yesterday. Rituxanis the first of monoclonal antibodies to become commercially available for treatment of Lymphomas. This is a rather well tolerat…