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Oct. 11 Equals "Day 50"

Faith is like the radar that sees through the fog — the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see. — Corrie Ten Boom

LINK: PQ - The People Quotient


We are half way to the end of our first 100 days post the SCT and looking forward to having many of our restrictions relaxed (including getting out of the house for anything other than our doctor and hospital visits) come Nov. 30.

Again, all our blood tests and my physical exams with Drs. Nakamura and Lopez were normal and progressive on Tuesday. The GVH (skin rash) is getting better, too. Still not sleeping soundly for more than 2-hour stretches at night, but that should improve in time.

Wrote an anonymous letter of appreciation to my unknown donor this week and delivered that to my caregivers for forwarding to the donor. For the rest of my life, I will be amazed that City of Hope found this near-perfect donor half way around the world. This only confirms that an Almighty Hand …