More About Stem Cells

Background information (Read me first):
More quotations
What are stem cells?
Their properties and potential

Embryonic stem cells
Adult stem cells
Unethical reporting

Can the President's plan work?
Types of stem cells:
Do adult stem cells have potential?
Amniotic stem cells discovered
Experimental treatments using embryonic and adult stem cells

Ethical and legal implications:
About extracting new stem cells from embryos
Research performed on descendents of stem cells
Embryo adoption: a way of handling a miniscule percentage of surplus embryos
In opposing stem cell research, are pro-life leaders ignoring the real problems?
Methods of obtaining embryonic stem cells with fewer ethical concerns

Political activity:
Political concerns
California stem cell research law, 2002-SEP
Missouri amendment, 2006-NOV

Recent news:
1998 to 2001-JUNE
2001-JULY to 2001-AUG.
2001-SEPT to 2002-DEC.
2003 and 2004
2005 and 2006

Additional information:
Becoming politically active; links to other information sources



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