Monday Is Day 75/100

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This Monday, November 5, marks the 75th day, counting toward 100, for this post-SCT period of isolation from all public contact except visits to the doctor and hospital and in-home visits by family and friends.

We continue on the trail to recovery with our only major complication in the form of the skin rash that I have written about before. Dr. Nakamura ordered a skin biopsy, performed last Tuesday by his Nurse Practitioner Anna Teotico. The results show that this is not graph versus host disease, but appears to be a dermatological reaction to one of my drugs, likely to the Bactrum which I take on the weekends and is a sulfa-based product.

Prior to the SCT, I had no know allergies to any medicine, but now that I have the blood and immune system of my donor, that reality has obviously changed. A new medication was prescribed on Friday that will help mitigate the itching of the rash and we will wait and see if eliminating the Bactrum (intended to help protect the kidneys from the other drugs I am taking) will prove to be the culprit. If so, my care team will prescribe something to replace the Bactrum in a while.

I continue to be amazed at how how of these decisions about my medications and care continue to take place in a methodical and most reasonable way. The City of Hope Care Team is clearly giving me every attention I had hoped to receive.
HERE is a SLIDE SHOW presentation of some of my care givers at City of Hope.


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