Day 92: Back to COH

I don't know what it is about holidays this year, but today is Thanksgiving and for the fourth holiday in 2007, I am back in the hospital, just as I was on Easter, July 4, and Labor Day this year.

Yesterday, around the 11 o'clock hour, I came down with severe chills, so we called our doctor and we were directed to come to the COH ETC (emergency treatment center). Blood tests showed my white cell count to be .5 and the diagnosis was an undetermined infection. So, I am back in the hospital for a few days to get this under control. Right now, it is not known howlong that will take, but I am sure that the treatment is going to work as we enter our final week of the "Post 100 Days" since the SCT.

All things considered, things have gone very well with the recovery from the transplant, but this experience is a lesson that an impaired immune system requires many precautions and the allowance of considerable time to return to normalcy.

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