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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home At Last!

Life's simplest things are love, and kindly friends, Nature's sweet charm of earth and sea and sky. -- Ripley D. Saunders

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Most of you are probably as surprised as I am about my "early" discharge from City of Hope on Thursday. My doctors conveyed that my vastly improved blood counts and absence of any major side effects (including no visible signs of the prior lymphoma) warranted the early discharge. It is so good to be home for the next phase of my recovery!

Obviously, my rising blood counts and other evidence point to the fact that we have achieved a successful transplant from my donor and, so far, without any major side effects related to graft to host disease. But even though we are home, we still have some 76 days of rehab at home as we count the days until the magical "Day 100." So far, the only major issues are lack of energy and high fatigue. Also, I can't seem to find my appetite and have lost 15 pounds, but I had a few to spare when this whole process began.

For the duration of the countdown to Day 100 (Nov. 30), we will have twice-weekly visits to City of Hope for checkups by Dr. Nakamura and the medical team.

I want to close this entry with some heartfelt praise:

1) The entire team at COH were just wonderful during my 27-day stay. COH is amazing and now I know why this place is one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world. We are all blessed to have a center like COH so close to home.

2) To all of you for your prayers, thoughts, cards, and messages for what has now been a 19-month journey since the mantle cell lymphoma first appeared. Dee Dee and I are very grateful for all of you who have kept the faith and helped to boost ours.

Starting next week we can have visitors at home, but please call ahead to make your plans. Our home number is (909) 944-2728.


Marc said...

Sounds good! That's very encouraging!

Al said...

Mike, so glad things are headed in the positive direction. We will continue to pray for you, and your family. Bet it's great to wake up in your own bed ! see you soon. Peggy, and Al

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