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Believe it or not, I have not been strong enough to work on this web blog for more than a week, but today, Aug. 6, found me with enough drive and energy to proved this update, and it is 9 p.m.. While I am not assured totally about this new found strength and the improved blood test results, plus no visible signs of the mantle cell lymphoma, I do know that all of these data points and signs show that progress is moving toward recovery.

The original information supplied by medical team called for a 4-6 week-stay in the hospital post the transplant of September 20. Now, we have reason to believe that our post-transplant hospital stay my be closer to the 4-week mark, but certainly shorter than the 6-week mark.

Thanks to all who continue to stay in touch through this Journal and by sending e-mails and calls to Dee Dee's cell or to our home. And those continuing prayers are so vital, too.


Susan Carrier said…
Hoping that your energy levels and blood levels rebound quickly.

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