Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Day Before The SCT

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Upon my admission to City of Hope on August 20, the first two days of treatment involved more chemo therapy to cause oblation of the visible tumor sites. Good news: the therapy worked.

Now, we are about 24 hours away from the stem cell transplant from the unrelated donor (MUD-SCT) which is our purpose for this hospital visit that, in total, may last four to six weeks. The SCT is relatively brief, taking less than two hours for the transfusion of the the donor's stem cells from his blood stream. As I reported before, the donor is a 24-year-old male who resides overseas, probably in Europe, but that is not confirmed. My ethnic background (English-German) would indicate, but not isolate the donor's background to that region.

So far, my doctors say that my treatment and overall condition is "as expected." From the chemo I have experienced some heavy fatigue, headaches, and upset stomach, so my appetite is not normal. Yet, the doctors are encouraged by the signs that the tumors are responding; hence, we are primed for the transplant to begin on schedule.

According to my medical team, the effect of the transplant (graft to disease effect) will not be confirmed for 14-21 days. Part of the pre-transplant treatment of the last couple of days has been oral and intravenous medication to help mitigate possible rejection of the donor's cells and graft to host disease (GVHD). So, even though the transplant takes place tomorrow, the results will not be known for a few weeks.

Thank to all for your continuing messages, thoughts, and prayers.

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loberon said...

Hey Mike, sounds like everything is as planned (Gods Plan too). I have had you in my thoughts and prayers every day. God certainly has a plan for you and this is your witness now. Just so you don't feel left out we are having a JCAHO Mock Survey today so we are all on our best behavior, wish you were here haha.
If you or your wife need anything have her call me, I'm always good for respite sitting by the bedside.
God Bless!
Lori Oberon

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