Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No Dodging, But 'Think Cure'

Dodgers launch ThinkCure partnership
07/31/2007 11:53 PM ET
By Jayson Addcox /

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers and chairman Frank McCourt held a press conference prior to Tuesday night's game (July 31) against the Giants to announce the launch of ThinkCure, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for critical cancer research at City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

"You know, baseball is about records and it's about winning, but it's also about family and community," McCourt said. "Today it gives me a great deal of pleasure to announce the launch of ThinkCure. It's a charity; its purpose is to raise funds for cancer research and its mission is to find a cure for cancer."

ThinkCure is following in the footsteps of the Jimmy Fund, which was launched in 1948 by the Boston Braves and later became the official charity of the Boston Red Sox and the Variety Club of New England. The McCourt family has been associated with the Jimmy Fund since its inception when McCourt's grandfather Francis McCourt was a co-owner of the Boston Braves.

"In 1948, when my grandfather was a partial owner of the Boston Braves, they started something called the Jimmy Fund," McCourt said. "And from this modest beginning -- I can remember putting my nickels and dimes in this piggy bank -- the Jimmy Fund now raises over $50 million per year for cancer research, so this gives me great confidence in this partnership."

The partnership between the City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is one that is actively working to develop new approaches to treat cancer. Scientists from both institutions are collaborating to better understand and treat brain tumors, leukemia, neuroblastoma and other cancers. They are also developing clinical trials to evaluate new immune therapies and improve cancer treatments.



As one who has spent virtually an entire careeer in fund-development for nonprofit hospitals, I am impressed by the level and the effectiveness by which City of Hope develops its "culture of philanthropy." Patients and visitors to this healing center cannot walk a single corridor without seeing evidence of recognition to the thousands of donors who have and are supporting this work. The partnership with the Dodgers in the "ThinkCure" charity is but one more example of how organizations like City of Hope extend their "good works" by allowing others to do good.

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