9/01/07: Golfers - Play A Round For This Cause

As all of you know that follow this journal, I am going to be a patient at City of Hope beginning Aug. 18 for the stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor (MUD-SCT). The expectation is for a 6-week hospital stay, perhaps longer, followed by in-home rehabilitation that may take six months or longer.

Unfortunately, this is not a vacation and normal physical activity and recreation are not on the calendar during my recovery. One of the things I will miss is an occasional round of golf with friends, so:

I am now making a plea for my golfing friends to "play a round for me for a good cause" ... by participating in the Sept. 1 PATRIOT DAY. In this truly special fund-raiser, golfers are asked to add $1.00 to their green fees at participating courses that will match that dollar. The funds so raised will be contributed to the FALLEN HEROES FOUNDATION to support the children of fallen veterans. If your golf course is not participating, encourage them to do so by contacting the Fallen Heroes Foundation, the PGA, or the USGA for information.



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