Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6/11/2007: Overcoming Worry

"Do not be anxious about your life, whatyou shall eat, or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on." (Matthew 6:25)

Like all of you reading this blog, I havedealt with occasional anxieties. This is the normal stuff of life. But there is probably no one thing that brings anxiety like dealing with a serious, even life-threatening health issue.

Such an issue entered the world of theFoxworths in March 2006 in the form of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). While we have been blessed with an array of caregivers and effective treatments to help control the cancer, the condition remains without a cure.

The best possible hope for a cure, medically speaking, is an allogeneic stem cell transplant. CLICK HERE to read my May 23 message aboutallogeneic transplants.We are now a little more than five orsix weeks away from that procedure at City of Hope.

Meanwhile, we deal with the ongoing process of chemotherapy, perhaps due to have one or two more chemo sessions before the transplant date arrives. One of the currentcomplications of this therapy is that these new drugs are playing havoc with my blood counts, mainly the plateletsand red cells. I can't have furtherchemo unless the blood countsimprove.

This development has caused me toneed two units of platelets and threeunits of whole blood in the last week. My blood type is A+, but donors of platelets may be any blood type. If you would like more information about blooddonations at City of Hope, CLICK HERE.

As we continue on this journey toward a cure, we are striving to make Matthew 6:25 a daily pledge without hesitation or wavering.Certainly, the message is clear: nothingabout "worry" will change a thing. We humans put our thoughts and priorities in uncertain places at times instead of trusing God. He will provide!

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