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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2/17/2007: Managed Care Fun on the Run

One of the realities for many of us with health insurance these days (particularly if you work in health care, as I do) is that your care is dictated by policies and operatives who are so-called managed care coordinators or managers. Their job can't be easy. They may have gained all the popularity of used care salesmen and IRS agents.

If you haven't had much experience in this world, your time may be coming.So just for fun, I found this site that puts this business in a humorous, if not accurate light. Click here on this "doctor" link. Enjoy.

Here is one excerpt ...What do managed care workers do for fun?

  • Custodial staff play basketball
  • Clerical staff play football
  • Case reviewers play tennis
  • Supervisors play softball
  • Medical directors play golf

Conclusion: The higher you rise in managed care, the smaller your balls.

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